Industry leader, ATM Manager Pro, makes it even easier to maintain total command of your ATM and cash operationS.


New in ATM Manager Pro

Enjoy new cash management functionality in the new R2019 release.

  • Enhanced residual analysis and more data validation routines

  • Robust cash order file and cash load file input capability

  • New graphically oriented reports to enhance the cash forecasting process

  • Automating import files from armored car, cash provider, or other data sources - incorporate actual costs into terms. This provides specificity when you are reviewing the profitability of a single ATM or a group of ATMs


Read our AMP R2019 Release Update for full details on new features, enhancements, and modifications.



Optimize your ATM fleet with the industry’s best ATM management platform.

  • Asset and site management to keep track of each site’s transaction activity and cash usage, along with ATM hardware serial number, updates, and components.

  • Financial analysis for producing complete P/L statements for each site or group of sites. Also provide statements for any partners associated with a site that either receive a payment or owe money each month.

  • Cash management to track cash usage for each site, forecast future cash needs, and produce cash orders for armored car delivery.

  • Event management allows control of all trouble ticket assignments and measures time to respond and time to fix.

  • Flexible reporting so ATM sites can be assembled into user-chosen groups for better analysis and ease of oversight.

  • Site terms allows entry of specific financial terms for each ATM site and each partner to be used for billing, invoicing, and reporting purposes.


AMP Feature Details

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