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Do you find that keeping up to date on site conditions is a pain? Sure, you send people out and they bring back:

  • Reports (maybe)
  • Forms (maybe)
  • Pictures (maybe)

BUT, months later, do you know who went where and what they found?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then keeping track of hundreds of pictures – especially ATMs that are quite similar in appearance – is indispensable.

QwikPic:  Quick, Simple, and Effective

We have needed a simple, easy way to capture and preserve each site visit information and pictures.

We have needed a simple easy way to track, recall, and report, months later, what the status of each site was at some point in the past.

Some banks, as part of their compliance process, require site visits at least twice each year. Can you prove you did that?

Some states require specific labeling on the ATMs. Can you prove yours are being checked regularly for compliance?

QwikPic:  Smart Phone Technology & Cloud Database

QwikPic is a smart phone app that receives site survey requests from the QwicPik cloud database. The survey request has two components: 

  1. Basic site information, location, and contact info
  2. Site survey questions to be captured during the visit

The site survey can have up to 30 optional or mandatory questions; each question can be multiple choice, textual, or image based. Typical surveys take about 5 minutes to complete and when finished, are submitted to the QwikPic cloud database. If the smart phone is out of communications range, the survey submission will be queued till the phone is back in range where it will complete it's upload to the cloud.

Finished surveys are stored in the cloud database making reports easily available to the QwikPic administrator. The QwicPic smart phone survey app does NOT have access to the QwicPic cloud database except to receive and submit the specific site info needed for each survey.

QwikPic:  From ISA-Ecash

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  QwikPic for efficient, accurate ATM site condition tracking and reporting.

QwikPic for efficient, accurate ATM site condition tracking and reporting.

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