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How much can you receive?

Profit from your ATM is determined by the surcharge amount, withdrawal transactions, and the level of service support you prefer. Some merchants elect to provide their own services and maximize the return on their investment, while others will outsource as much as possible. ISA-Ecash is able to support you as much as you require.

Full Turnkey Service

If you are too busy to maintain your ATM, opt for Full Turnkey Service (FTS) and ISA-Ecash will provide all operational management, cash services, and maintenance needed to keep your ATM online. With FTS you still receive a portion of the surcharge revenue while minimizing your operational worries or cash liabilities.

Merchant Service

If you are a great multi-tasker that likes to stay on the move, then go for the Merchant Service option – where you provide your own cash and load the ATM – and receive most or all of the surcharge revenue.  

Merchant ala Carte

If you want to dip your foot in the water but not ready to dive all the way in, simply elect the services you wish to manage and ISA-Ecash will take care of the rest while still generating recurring revenue for you. Contact us today to draft a plan that makes sense for your business.