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How Does It Work?

1) Choose an ATM

ISA-Ecash is happy to help meet your ATM needs, starting with recommending the right machine for your location. Whether you need a light or heavy duty unit, new or used, we have most systems either in stock or available within 2-3 weeks. 

2) Set a Surcharge

Establishing the optimal surcharge for your location provides a revenue stream to defray the purchase cost and ongoing operation of yourATM. A typical site might have a surcharge of $2.50 and average 200 withdrawals each month, generating a monthly income of $500.

3) Connect to the Network

ISA-Ecash arranges to connect your ATM to all of the major banking networks so that any customer with a debit or credit card can connect to his institution to withdraw funds.

ISA-Ecash is a registered ISO for Citizens Bank, N.A., Providence, RI.

4) Monitor and Maintain

Each month ISA-Ecash generates a report detailing the previous month's daily transaction activity as well as the accounting for the revenue and expense for that month. Even better, this report comes with a check for the balance of surcharge fees collected, minus any service fees per the Processing Agreement.