getting started

ISA-Ecash is with you every step of the way.

  • Selecting an ATM: ISA-Ecash has a selection of new and used ATMs. Depending on your budget and expected volume of transactions, we can help you select the best ATM for your application.

  • Cash Services: If you can provide your own cash and load the ATM, this can be the most economical arrangement that returns the majority of the surcharge to you. Click here to learn more about ISA-Ecash service options.
  • Banking Regulations: There are a variety of state and federal banking regulations that must be obeyed in order to operate an ATM.  These regulations include labels of specific content and sizes that must appear on the body of the ATM, annual registration of the ATM location. ISA-Ecash takes care to arrange all of these so you don’t have to worry.
  • Maintenance: ISA-Ecash has a network of maintenance companies that are contracted to provide ATM repair services as needed. These can be employed on a “per call” basis or as part of a monthly maintenance program – all of this can be discussed when setting up our initial Processing Agreement and can be changed later is needed.


ATMs are regulated by state and federal banking regulations. The paperwork includes a Processing Agreement with us, a Patriot Act form and picture ID (from which a background check will be done), Addendums covering sponsorship and cash services. And, if necessary, your bank account information for settling cash to your account.