3 Things to Know when Considering an ATM:

  1. Why Have An ATM?  Studies have shown that 30% of the money withdrawn from an ATM in a retail location is spent at that location.  Customers have come to expect the convenience of an ATM as a part of their shopping experience.
  2. ATM Surcharges:  ATM's typically charge surcharges for each customer withdrawal.  These surcharges form the basis for operating ATM's at a profit.  The surcharges help pay for the monthly operating costs of the ATM and are split between you, the customer, and us depending on who provides which services.  
  3. ATM Regulations:  Did you know that all ATM's require access to the banking networks in order to function?  This access requires each ATM to be sponsored by a bank.  ISA-Ecash is authorized to provide this sponsorship though it’s ATM processor, WorldPay, and it’s sponsoring bank, Citizens Bank.  In addition, each state has its own requirements for ATM registration and labeling.  We can take care of all of this for you.

ISA-Ecash Set-up Assistance:  ISA-Ecash can assist in arranging the correct ATM for your location, figure out what surcharge rate is appropriate, and provide whatever other services are needed to operate smoothly at your location.