ATM Swap

Do you currently maintain an off-premise ATM location that is underperforming or too costly to justify ongoing operation?  With ISA-Ecash, you have a partner that can take over the maintenance and support for that ATM site while still maintaining your bank's presence.  

ISA-Ecash understands the importance of ATM availability for a bank.  That is why ISA-Ecash only deploys extremely reliable, state-of-the-art hardware to meet its goal of 100% uptime.  We also use one of the industry's largest ATM processing companies, Worldpay Network to increase the probability the network is operational.

When you swap your existing ATM with ISA-Ecash you can count on detailed performance reports every month to keep you updated on all critical information, including:

  • Usage statistics
  • Accounting information
  • Transaction reporting
  • Surcharge accounting
  • Cash management
  • Profitability analysis

ISA-Ecash uses the leading ATM management solution ATM Manager Pro™ to automate all aspects of the administration and management of the ATM transaction process.  ATM Manager Pro is currently being used to manage over 150,000 ATM installations throughout the world.

If you are interested in optimizing the performance of your ATM network, contact us today to learn more.

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