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The industry leader for ATM management, accounting, and control.

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With ATM Manager Pro, users have total command and control of all machine and cash operations, including:

Asset & Site Management: Keeps track of each site’s transaction activity and cash usage. Also, tracks ATM hardware serial number, updates, and components.

Financial Analysis: Produces a complete P/L statement for each site or group of sites. Produces statements for any partners associated with a site that either receive a payment or owe money each month.

Cash Management: Tracks cash usage for each site. Forecasts future cash needs and produces cash orders for armored car delivery.

Event Management: Allows control of all trouble ticket assignments, measures time to respond, time to fix.

Flexible Reporting: ATM sites can be assembled into user-chosen groups for better analysis and ease of oversight.

Site Terms: Allows entry of specific financial terms for each ATM site and each partner to be used for billing, invoicing and reporting purposes.

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  ATM Manager Pro, the industry leader for over 15 years.

ATM Manager Pro, the industry leader for over 15 years.

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